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For years we have had traditional cosmetic dentistry that the people have used to create a new beautiful smile, a smile that could cost anywhere in the region on £100k if you went for implants and used a good surgeon. People have been having minor ailments touched up using composite bonding, veneers, their metal fillings removed for cosmetic white ones. Then gummy smiles have been treated with lasers yellow teeth whit bleach in-fact the whole new smile thing comes a great cost, well it used to until now. Now there is an option for those that would like just a purely cosmetic smile. Welcome clip on veneer the affordable new smile. A relatively new cosmetic product that can be used to provide a new leash of life to a tired smile on a fraction of the budget.

What are clip on veneers?
Clip on veneers are a device that is made from a mold of your mouth from a plastic type material and it clips over your teeth like a traditional veneer, just with no glue.

How does the mold work?
The molds are taken using standard silicone impression putty that is very forgiving and you get two different colors that you mix together and have a set amount of time to put the putty in a tray then take the impression. This is normally done with most of the companies that offer these veneers at home. They are often provided with clear instructions and videos. what out though as some of these push in veneer places charge extra for putty. You could run it to some trouble if you keep getting it wrong.

What material are they made from?
There seems to be a lot of information saying that veneers are made from a material developed by Nasa. Why this could be true and is clearly for some of the veneers that are being sold we actually found the ones made with this material are very thick and could actually give you really thick teeth appearance. The other most common material appears to me a German made material that has been used for years. In our opinion these veneers look best. They are much more flexible and more natural looking. The limitation with this material is you cannot have them maybe as straight as your would like but our opinion is they just look so much more natural.

Where can I get them?
There are many retailers online and lots of different prices and offerings Instasmile appear to be the brand leader and the pricing reflects this. We have also seen a lot of negative reviews online for their products. You would have to Judge for yourselves though. There are plenty more Best Clip on Veneers, Secret Veneers and a few other but those guys seem to be the bigger players.

What can they be used for.
clip in veneers can be used for missing, crooked and stained teeth. They can be used instead of a partial denture. We found that people use them to replace teeth whitening treatment.

What do they cost?
The price varies a lot and so do the results. We have seen one arch start at as little as £169.99 up to £300. Top and bottom arches have even reach over the 1K figure.

So that sums up what we know about clip on veneers, remember be careful about the extra charges for impression material as it could take you a few tries to get it right. Personally we are not a fan of the milled out snap on veneers as we thick that they look very very thick. It all depends on what you are looking for and you have to be mindful on results. This is just a cosmetic removable clip on veneer that has no prep or dental work. If you have a pretty bad situation to begin with then maybe clip in veneers and not for you you should look at alternatives to the push in veneer. If you are looking to cover your chipped, stained or slightly crooked smile and what to look near smile perfect on date night, business meetings or maybe your wedding press on veneers would be great. If want a lasting result and have the 10k price tag then maybe tradition veneers and not the clip in smile would suit you better. Out of all the companies we looked at one seemed to stand out and that was Best Clip on Veneers they offer a really affordable push in veneers in the UK and the results looked fab also at the price they are charging it is worth a chance when you can have a new clip on veneer for £179.99 delivered with as much free putty as you need, £189.99 if you have missing teeth. You can check out Wow Smile Veneers Here and their veneer range here. Any questions please get in touch.